MSNBC host proposes ‘the most radical of things’ to fight police brutality: ‘Time to burn it down’

MSNBC host Tiffany Cross proclaimed Saturday that she is willing to undertake the “the most radical” of solutions to fix what she believes is a problem with police brutality and racist law enforcement.

Cross was reacting to the recently released video of Ronald Greene, a Louisiana man who died in 2019 while in police custody.

The New York Times reported Friday:

The death of Ronald Greene after a police chase in Louisiana in 2019 is attracting new scrutiny after the publication of police body camera footage that appears to show a starkly different version of events than the one given by the Louisiana State Police.

What did Cross say?

Speaking on her MSNBC show, Cross declared that it’s “time to burn it down,” referring to what she and many activists believe is a problematic criminal justice system.

“I am outraged, and exhausted, and angry. That video is practically unwatchable. And I think about that man’s family, and his mother, and what they must be going through,” Cross said.