MSNBC Guest Says Police Culture ‘Is Rooted in White Supremacy’

Former police offer and National Coalition of Law Enforcement Officers For Justice Reform and Accountability co-founder Redditt Hudson said Friday on MSNBC’s “All In” that he believes the death of Tyre Nichols shows that black officers can adopt the police culture, which “is rooted in white supremacy.”

Hudson said, “I’ve been on this show now for some years covering these kinds of incidents. Accountability is the best training that police officers can never get when it comes to these kinds of situations. Seeing someone held accountable, prosecuted and convicted it this does become the blueprint. It becomes a stop of what we have seen. I do know for sure that the reaction in similar situations we have seen Eric Garner, Laquan McDonald, Mike Brown when white officers are involved with egregious conduct that we have seen, the response is very different.”

He added, “It gets me to another point that I want to make while I was on with you tonight. Because so much ground has been covered effectively by the people that you have head-on. I’ve been in agreement with everything I’ve heard. But these black officers, man, this is what it looks like when black officers internalize and align themselves with police culture, which itself is rooted in white supremacy. When I had, and all black officers have a real opportunity to address it from the inside, what makes this so sad to see is the failed opportunity to address the culture that they adopted but takes a man’s life right in front of us again it’s a sad commentary on those officers ‘ professionalism, on their ability to discern what their role should be versus what historically police role in our community has been. It’s a tragedy.”