Mother Who Exposed Pornographic School Books Says Board Has Banned Her From Entering The Library

The texts were put there as part of a ‘diversity drive’

A mother in Virginia claims she has been banned from entering her child’s school library after she checked out sexually graphic books and read them out loud in front of board officials in a video that subsequently went viral.

Stacy Langton of Fairfax exposed how the school library contained books with gay porn and even pedophilia material as part of a “diversity and inclusion” drive.

As she read from the graphic texts, the school board attempted to cut her off and shut her up, reasoning that there were children present.

In reaction to Ms Langton’s address, a school official even appeared to defend the material, claiming it is part of a “commitment” to “LGBTQIA+ students”:

Now Langton tells the Washington Examiner that the school’s acting principal, Maureen Keck, has issued a ruling barring the parent from entering the library.

“[The principal] told me that no parents were allowed into the library,” Langton said, adding “So, I asked her to send me the specific policy so I could see it for myself.”

Langton received a follow up of school policy, but says that it doesn’t mention anywhere that parents cannot go into the library with their children.

Langton says she intends to speak again at a board hearing this week, adding “I still have no accountability.” 

Langton added that she and her family have received death threats since she spoke out and became a leading figure in Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin’s campaign.

Langton told Fox News two weeks ago that she and other parents at a recent school board meeting were surveilled by police and federal agents. 

“I have threats against my children by name, I have been followed in my car with my children, they have my vehicle, they know where I live, and I don’t know who’s putting somebody up to this, but it’s obviously meant to intimidate me,” said Langton.  

She added “I’m not getting a lot of sleep right now, nobody’s sleeping in my house because we can’t be sure that we’re safe.”