‘Most Evil’ Poll Doesn’t Fare Well for Hillary Clinton; Libs Aghast, Debate Rages Given Other Options Listed

A Twitter poll conducted by non-establishment, pro-Trump anarchist commentator Michael Malice found that, of those polled, a majority feel former first lady and secretary of state Hillary Clinton is more “evil” than Russian President Vladimir Putin and even deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Specifically, among 11,366 poll participants, a 51.9 percent majority dubbed Clinton “the most evil.” Putin received only 8.8 percent of the vote, whereas Epstein received an impressive but not impressive enough 38.4 percent of the vote.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump, who was also listed as a poll choice, received only .9 percent of the vote.

View the poll results below:

The poll provoked bipartisan confusion, with many agreeing that Epstein was certainly more evil than Clinton.

(*Language warning)

Epstein was, after all, a pedophile — a convicted pedophile who’d sexually abused upwards of 36 girls, some of them reportedly as young as 14.

Though on the other hand, some genuinely believe that Epstein didn’t commit suicide in 2019 but rather was murdered via a plot concocted by Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

The wild theory is rooted in the belief that the Clinton — or, at the very least, Bill Clinton — had been involved in the deceased pedophile’s sex trafficking ring in some way, shape or form.

The conspiracy theorists who subscribe to this theory also suspect that the Clintons are responsible for a number of other deaths, including that of Epstein’s alleged pimp, ergo again why they feel she’s worse than him:

With the confusion came anger from members of the left who adore Clinton and view her as some sort of saintly figure.

To them, the idea that anyone could even compare Clinton to the likes of Epstein or Putin — the latter of whom they view in the same way that Christians view Satan — was appalling.

Critics pushed back by arguing that Clinton and Putin are technically the same, assuming the conspiracy theories about her being a murderer are true.

As one critic put it, arguing about who among the two is worse “is like choosing cholera or diphtheria.”

There were, however, plenty who did appear to agree with the poll’s results.


As of Sunday morning, Malice’s poll was closed. However, he’d launched a new one which was still open as of 8:30 am, so be sure to cast a vote before it’s too late:

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