More Than $30M Raised And 5,100 Christian And At-Risk Afghans Evacuated By Glenn Beck’s Nazarene Fund

Mercury Radio Arts CEO and Christian commentator Glenn Beck has reportedly raised more than $30 million for Afghanistan and used it as funding to evacuate 5,100 Christians and at-risk Afghans.

The Christian Today said Beck sponsored the evacuation carried out by his U.S. non-profit Nazarene Fund, who airlifted evacuees which included U.S. nationals and women. The Nazarene Fund, an organization aiding persecuted Christians, ceased the evacuation flights when the United States government started withdrawing military personnel after the two explosions Thursday.

On the morning of August 26, two suicide bombers suspected to be members of ISIS-K, the Afghanistan branch of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, detonated themselves one after the other near the Hamad Karzai International Airport’s Abbey Gate causing many injured including 15 U.S. troops while leaving 13 U.S. service men and 60 Afghans dead.

Two days later three ISIS-K members, on their way to setting off another bomb near the airport, were intercepted by an unmanned U.S. drone airstrike.

Beck said the refugees are safely awaiting settlement in an undisclosed country. He said those left behind will not be forgotten and expressed concerned for them being Christians.

He pointed in a post in Facebook that, although those left behind are not American citizens, they have become accustomed to the freedom they have enjoyed for two decades in “being able to say I’m a Christian” due to the “protection the United States government offered.” He stressed that the U.S. promised them that freedom but are now “leaving them.”

“We will not forget those left behind. Our mission there gets tougher and more dangerous. We also still have more work to do as now we have 5,100 refugees sitting in another country wondering who will claim them? Sadly, but certainly not America,” Beck said.

“May God bless the refugees and new home countries and may He heal their land. These refugees are good and faithful servants that make me embarrassed to call myself Christian,” he added.

Beck, a conservative commentator, launched last August 18 a “monumental goal of raising $20 million in 48 hours” for the Nazarene Fund to rescue religious minorities from Afghanistan. Less than week later, Beck was able to raise over $28 million and evacuate over a thousand Christians through his rescue mission.

“Operation Nazarene Rescue: flight three has just taken off. Now 1200 Christians evacuated and flown to safety. It has been a good day! Thank you for the outpouring of prayers and support! Because of The Power Of One people will LIVE. Wow! Thank you for donating to and @thenazarenefund,” Beck announced in Facebook on August 24.

“America does care! America does not leave her own and the most vulnerable behind. WE CAN DO IT AS THE POWER IS WITH THE PEOPLE. We are America not our government. When they can’t do it, private citizens step to the plate,” he added.

Beck disclosed previously that countries the refugees from Afghanistan are intended to be evacuated to were experiencing “cold feet” in accepting them for settlement. Beck asked for prayers on the matter which he described as a “battle of good vs evil.” As per Beck, one of the countries who welcome refugee Christians was Zimbabwe.