More Evidence Pointing to Maricopa County Election Fraud to Be Released: Cybersecurity Expert

“There are more videos,” says cybersecurity expert Clay Parikh.

  • The Gateway Pundit interviewed cybersecurity expert Clay Parikh to discuss his thoughts on the newly-released videos, suggesting that voting machines were reprogrammed without public knowledge prior to Arizona’s gubernatorial election.
  • Parikh previously testified in Republican gubernatorial contender Kari Lake’s first trial that it was “easily identifiable” that ballots were incorrectly printed and resulted in tabulation failures, something that could not have been accidental.
  • Videos surfaced that Maricopa County election officials tampered with sealed election machines and inserted new memory cards, providing evidence for Lake’s attorney Kurt Olsen’s assertion that “this election was rigged.”
  • It is against the law for election officials to reprogram machines after the Logic and Accuracy testing day without informing the public.
  • Officials “ignored 446 vote center tabulators that were used in the election. None of them got tested,” according to Parikh.
  • Gateway Pundit journalist Jordan Conradson asked Parikh what the machine behavioral settings (MBS) revealed about the incident, to which Parikh said, “The scripts they used obviously put the wrong software versions on there…So, to change firmware, whether it’s on a printer, a laptop, or a server, is a pretty significant change. And to me, those two issues right there basically state that the system is not certified any longer. It’s not running what it’s supposed to be according to a certification level. And so that’s a whole other thing. That’s just one of the things that we discovered.”
  • When asked if the public can expect any new footage showing that Maricopa County tampered with election procedures, Parikh replied, “There’s going to be a good bit of footage,” including footage that might make the “citizens of Arizona would be pretty irate because it’s pretty apparent that Maricopa failed at signature verification.”
  • Interestingly, “there are a couple of other videos that are coming out that deal with different subjects,” Parikh stated, careful not to expose many details, saying again that “there are more videos.”
  • When asked to comment on election investigation updates, Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs (D) avoided answering, instead calling the inquiries “conspiracy theories.”
  • “What do you think of signature verification in the 2022 election where signature verification employees were clicking through signatures in 1, 2, 3 seconds?” Conradson asked the governor, adding, “Is one second enough to verify a signature?”
  • Hobbs said any comment on the matter is not “under my jurisdiction,” even though she served as the Chief Election Officer for the State of Arizona.
  • “It was under your jurisdiction. You ran your own election,” the journalist asserted, prompting a leftwing reporter to say, “Because you’re not a reporter.”
  • American Faith reported that Judge Peter A. Thompson dismissed Kari Lake’s election challenge.
  • “The Court DOES NOT find clear and convincing evidence or a preponderance of evidence that such misconduct did in fact affect the result of the 2022 General Election by a competent mathematical basis,” he said.
  • Lake’s attorney Kurt Olsen noted that the speed of ballot signature verification, less than three seconds per signature, was to be questioned.