Missouri News Reporter Forced Out Of Job Due To Vaccine Mandate: ‘God Has A Purpose For This’

It’s going to be tough for a Missouri news reporter who says she was dismissed from her job for not following the company’s vaccine mandate, but she says she has faith in God and that will get her through it.

CBN News spoke with former reporter Kim St. Onge, a reporter for KMOV News in St. Louis for almost a decade.

After presenting a letter from her pastor, St. Onge was given a religious exemption; nevertheless, the news station’s owner imposed additional restrictions with which the reporter disagreed.

She told CBN News that she felt discriminated.

Her responsibilities included always wearing a N95 mask, taking a COVID test twice a week, and participating remotely in meetings. Although she took all the other precautions, St. Onge “drew the line” when she was instructed not to sit with her vaccinated coworkers.

The reporter said she was fired after contacting her union representative and explaining that she couldn’t adhere to the rules.

To cope with the sorrow of losing her work, St. Onge turned more and more to Scripture.

“I have Scripture that I would repeat in my head when I was feeling discouraged. When it’s all said is done… I only answer to God,” she said. “Our Savior already went through all this and He’s got it.”

“Joshua 1:9 is my favorite … I have used it countless times. ‘Be strong and courageous. Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you where you go,'”she added.

Because she didn’t want to be kept silent, St. Onge turned down a non-disclosure agreement “worth several thousand dollars.”

On Sunday, she wrote a lengthy status update on Facebook about her experience, describing the events in detail.

St. Onge acknowledged that her choice would be unpopular with some of her readers.

“Some of you will staunchly disagree with my decision,” St. Onge wrote. “I understand some of you may even feel personally offended by my choice. But, this is too big to stay quiet. Our freedoms are being stripped away … freedoms our parents, grandparents, and so many others fought for.”

She carried on, saying, “I refuse to stand for a company dictating medical decisions for its employees, especially when it comes to an experimental vaccine. I want my future kids to know their mom stood up for her beliefs, her morals, even though it cost their mom her job.”

Despite the fact that she had lost her career, St. Onge maintained that what God had in store for her was much greater.

“As a follower of Christ, I know God has a purpose to this and will use it for good,” she proclaimed.

“Thank you for standing up for your values. So many people are caught up in tyrannical policies and mandates that are not founded in any sort of science and defy all logical thinking. We need more people with spines of steel like you. God will guide you as you pursue your next opportunities,” one commenter said.

Following that, she said she’s been contacted by a large number of people throughout the nation who are in the same situation as her.

“It is sad that so many people are in this situation,” she said.

While she is working for a temporary employer, St. Onge plans to stay in the St. Louis region.