Missouri AG Accuses New York of ‘Lawfare’ in Trump Conviction Lawsuit

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey has filed a lawsuit against New York, claiming that the recent conviction of former President Donald Trump was politically motivated form of ‘lawfare,’ and violated his constitutional rights. Bailey argues that New York’s gag order against Trump represents an attempt to silence the candidate during vital campaign months. 

Bailey shared his sentiment in a statement, “I will not sit idly by while Soros-backed prosecutors hold Missouri voters hostage in this presidential election. I am filing suit to ensure every Missourian can exercise their right to hear from and vote for their preferred presidential candidate.” 

The prosecution and timely sentencing of Trump are a politically motivated move, according to Bailey. In response to the SCOTUS immunity ruling, Judge Merchan agreed to push Trump’s sentencing to Septemeber, two months later than its initially set date. 

Part of Bailey’s lawsuit reads: “Nothing is more destructive to the health of a democracy than distrust in the outcome of an election. And yet New York has brought transparently weak charges for the transparent purpose of trying to impose political damage against Trump and trying to restrain his ability to campaign in advance of an election forecasted by the polls to be very close.” 

The Attorney General has argued that the political motivations of the left include not only Judge Merchan and the New York Court system as a whole but also Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D). Bailey argues that Bragg only brought the felony charges against Trump in an effort to “ “boost Joe Biden’s campaign and keep Trump out of the White House.”

As the legal battle unfolds, it will likely intensify the already heated political discourse surrounding Trump and his legal troubles. The outcome of the lawsuit could have significant implications for the future of political prosecutions and the integrity of the justice system in the United States.