Millions Of Vaccinated Calif. Residents Forced To Wear Masks Indoors

California health bureaucrats are struggling to get their story straight as they unleash yet another lockdown mandate on about 7 million residents.

During a press conference on Monday, Dr. Sundari Mase of Sonoma County confirmed everyone in eight Bay Area counties have to wear face masks in public indoor settings. She said this even applies to vaccinated residents because they are testing positive for COVID and spreading the so-called Delta variant.

“In many cases, our hospitals aren’t even admitting vaccinated individuals, especially if they are asymptomatic,” Dr. Mase expalined. “Nonetheless, there is evidence that vaccinated people can spread the virus to others…that is why everyone must wear face coverings when in public indoor settings.”

This comes in stark contrast to Berkeley County physician Dr. Lisa Hernandez’s message moments later in which she urged residents to get vaccinated because it will “protect you and those around you.”