Mike Pence Reemerges To Blast Biden – ‘Most Liberal President Since FDR’

Former Vice President Mike Pence reemerged on Thursday to give a speech in New Hampshire. He used this speech to attack President Joe Biden, pointing out that the Democrat had gone from campaigning “as a moderate” to becoming “the most liberal president since FDR.”

Pence Sounds Off

While speaking at the Hillsborough County GOP’s annual Lincoln Reagan Dinner, Pence blasted Biden while expressing his optimism about the future of the Republican Party.

“I am here to say I believe we’re on the verge of another great Republican comeback, and it starts right here in the Live Free or Die state of New Hampshire,” Pence said as those in attendance cheered.

Pence spent much of his speech comparing the Biden administration to Donald Trump’s.

“We made history. We made a difference. We made America greater than ever before,” said Pence, according to The Hill. “But how times have changed. You know the governor said he didn’t come here to bash the current administration. Well I did.”

“So buckle up,” he added. “I mean 134 days, and the Biden-Harris administration has launched an avalanche of big government liberal policies, the likes of which I’ve never even imagined I’d see in our lifetime, and all of it designed to derail the progress that we made over the last four years.”