Mike Lindell is developing his own social media platform to replace YouTube and Twitter

‘Every single influencer person on the planet can come there’

(New York Post) MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell said that he’s been developing a social media application that would restore free speech to those who were banned by the mainstream tech platforms.

My Pillow founder Mike Lindell has made the grand claim that he is launching his own social media site — after he was booted from Twitter for spreading baseless claims about election fraud.

The pillow pusher said on conservative radio host Charlie Kirk’s podcast Friday that his Big Tech rival could even be live within a month, Business Insider reported.

“Every single influencer person on the planet can come there. You’re going to have a platform to speak out,” Lindell announced, adding that he has been working on the site for four years.

“It’s not just like a little Twitter platform,” said the businessman, who has claimed that he lost $65 million in revenue this year because of mass boycotts over his ongoing claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from former President Donald Trump.

“They’re suppressing our voices,” Lindell railed on the show Friday.

Mike Lindell laughs with President Donald Trump during a "Made in America," roundtable event in the East Room at the White House.

“We’re launching this big platform so all the voices of our country can come back and start telling it like it is again,” he declared.

“You will not need YouTube. You won’t need these places … it will be where everything can be told, because we’ve got to get our voices back. People will be able to talk and not walk on eggshells.”

Lindell then discussed “cancel culture” and claimed his Wikipedia page had been “changed into something I’m not,” without elaborating.

“Google canceled me on some things, I can tell you,” he said in the podcast, explaining that he bought ads on the search engine giant so more people would see “evidence” of the alleged election fraud.

But he said Google took “tens of thousands of dollars” in ad revenue from him before shutting him down.

Lindell also complained that “even the bad stations” wouldn’t have him on their shows to talk about election fraud, the COVID-19 vaccine and Dominion Voting Systems, which recently filed a lawsuit accusing him of defamation.

The voting machine company is seeking more than $1.3 billion in damages on allegations that Lindell falsely accused it of “stealing millions of votes” in the federal election.

Mike Lindell cheers as former president Donald Trump speaks to supporters during a campaign rally at Scheels Arena in Fargo, North Dakota.

The My Pillow CEO said the site would launch in “four or five weeks,” but also that it could launch in “10 days,” adding that he couldn’t announce the platform’s name yet. No further details about the platform, including what it would look like or how it would function, were offered.