Mike Billand, Running Against Dan Crenshaw, Calls Him A Turncoat For Refusing To Contest 2020 Election

Crenshaw’s “treachery cannot be forgiven,” Billand told National File.

Republican Mike Billand hopes to primary Rep. Dan Crenshaw in Texas’s Second Congressional District, and is honing in on what some people view as disappointing developments from Crenshaw, notably his support for anti-Second Amendment Red Flag Laws, and his inaction on the subject of Election Integrity in the days leading up to January 6.

“I’m just a local man from East Texas who actually cares about these issues. I’m sick of this political oligarchy which has grown in the DC swamp, and that’s what I decided to run,” Mike Billand told National File. Especially since Crenshaw got elected, Billand told National File he feels that his district has not been truly represented. “Crenshaw sees himself as living in DC. I’m a man of the people of East Texas.”

In particular, Billand cited Crenshaw’s claims to support election integrity, despite certifying what many believe to be fraudulent election results earlier this year. “What I ultimately hope with these audits is that turncoats like Crenshaw don’t successfully posture as the true defenders here. Their treachery cannot be forgiven.” By contrast, Billand says he “absolutely would have objected to the electoral certification” on January 6.

He also attacked Crenshaw for his advocacy of Red Flag Laws. “Especially since Crenshaw is a veteran, the group who is most impacted by red-flag laws, this is just disgusting to see,” said Billand. Crenshaw previously described opponents of Red Flag Laws as emotional and uninformed in a video he recorded in 2019.