Middle School Teacher Under Investigation for Wishing Unvaccinated People Who ‘Vote the Wrong Way’ Would Die

A Washington middle school teacher is under investigation for allegedly posting on social media that it would be “lucky” if unvaccinated people “who vote the wrong way” died.

The teacher at Wy’East Middle School in the Evergreen Public Schools district said that “if we’re lucky, we can cut out 30% of the population that votes the wrong way.”

According to a report from KTTH, who did not name the teacher, an investigation was opened after the district received complaints about her social media posts from angry parents.

“I am ready to say let them die. You made a choice to not get your shot for any reason other than a doctors note, you should not be allowed healthcare. You are like the brats in class that ruin it for everyone,” the post said.

KTTH reports:

After a friend responded that she couldn’t agree “to wish ill even on the willingly ignorant,” the teacher doubled down.

“I have no problem with that. If we’re lucky we can cut out 30% of the population that votes the wrong way.”

Then another friend weighed in on the topic, saying if they were to die, there would be “less people using up all the resources.”

“Let the hunger games begin,” the teacher responded.

The teacher has now deleted their Facebook account.

Another teacher in the district commented that “people don’t want their little white, heterosexual, bible bubble popped! This is a public school and if you don’t like it, do your own thing,” according to screenshots obtained by Clark County Today.

“Evergreen Public Schools takes the health and safety of our students very seriously. The district is aware one of our employees posted a message regarding COVID vaccination statuses on her personal Facebook page/account while on summer break,” a spokesperson for the district told KTTH.

“It is being handled by our Human Resources department in accordance with district policies and procedures, and as it is a personnel matter, we cannot provide you any more specific information,” the statement added.