Mexican President Tells Americans to Reject Conservatism, Embrace ‘Transformation’

Mexico’s President Tells Americans to Reject Conservatism, Embrace ‘Transformation’

  • Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador gave Americans a stern talking to Tuesday during a press conference with President Joe Biden.
  • Obrador went after “the conservatives” in the United States for resisting globalism, particularly the Biden administration’s programs.
  • Included in the issues Obrador touched on was the Biden administration’s plan on energy, trade, and immigration.
  • Biden responded to the Mexican president’s assertion, saying, “We have liberals, moderates, conservatives, and extreme conservatives. I’m waiting for the Republican Party to come back to traditional conservative positions. We have to start to talk with them, to one another, in this country, with respect.”
  • “I know that your adversaries — the conservatives — are going to be screaming all over the place, even to heaven,” Obrador said. “They’re going to be yelling at heaven. In the face of this crisis, the way out is not through conservatism,” he continued. “But without a daring, a bold program of development and wellbeing, it will not be possible to solve problems. It will not be possible to get the people’s support. 
  • “In the face of this crisis, the way out is not through conservatism. The way out is through transformation. We have to be bold in our actions. Transform not maintain the status quo.”
  • Obrador told Biden, “We trust you because you respect our sovereignty. We are willing to continue working with you for the benefit of our peoples. Count with our support — count on our support and solidarity always.”
  • The Mexican leader has also called on Biden to “regularize” migrants working in the United States, calling it part of the way to resist conservativism.
  • However, the already-unsecured border that Americans already struggle under has had deadly consequences, both due to conflict with border land owners, violence of illegal migrants, and an influx of drug distribution.