Members of AZ County Board Decline Certifying Election Results

An Arizona board overseeing Chocise County is refusing to certify election results after Tom Rice, Brian Steiner, and Daniel Wood claimed voting machines were not properly approved. They stated the tabulation equipment certifications were invalidated after the U.S. Elections Assistance Commission was negligent with testing companies for the machines. “If our presenters’ request is met by the proof that our machines are indeed legally and lawfully accredited,” said Republican board member Tom Crosby, “then indeed we should accept the results.” He continued, “However, if the machines have not been lawfully certificated, then the converse is also true. We cannot verify this election now.” The situation may pose a setback for statewide election certification, originally planned for December 5.

From Fox News:

Crosby and Judd then voted to delay certification, with Crosby saying he believed Wood, Steiner and Rice needed to be provided proof since they were 'the experts.'


Lorick issued a statement after the vote vowing legal action to force the board to accept the results. Under Arizona law the formal election canvass can’t be changed by the elected county boards — their only role is to accept the numbers as they are tallied by their elections departments.

"If they fail to do so, the Secretary (of State) will use all available legal remedies to compel compliance with Arizona law and protect Cochise County voters' rights to have their votes counted," Lorick said.