Melania Trump Welcomes New American Citizens

Melania Trump addressed new American citizens at the National Archives’ rotunda, welcoming individuals to the United States.

“It is my privilege to share this great nation, America, with you,” she said.

The former first lady was born in Slovenia and later became an American citizen.

“For me, reaching the milestone of American citizenship marked the sunrise of certainty,” she added. “At that exact moment, I forever discarded the layer of burden connected with whether I would be able to live in the United States. I hope you’re blanketed with similar feelings of comfort right now.”

She told the audience that becoming an American citizen filled her with a “tremendous sense of pride and belonging,” noting that the “pathway to citizenship is arduous.”

“I applaud you for every step you took, every obstacle you have overcome, and every sacrifice you made,” she said. “It is an honor to stand with you today in these hallow halls in the presence of the Declaration of Independence,” which she said was “arguably one of the most important documents of all time.”

“Becoming an American citizen comes with responsibility. It means actively participating in the democratic process and guarding our freedom. It also means leading by example and contributing to our society,” she continued. “It is a life-altering experience that takes time, determination, and sometimes even tremendous strength.”

“You are American. Be a beacon of inspiration for your children and those who follow in your footsteps. May your journey continue to be filled with endless possibilities, and may your contributions enrich the fabrics of this great nation.”