Meet ‘Atlas’: Boston Dynamics Introduces Agile Humanoid Robot for Complex Tasks

Boston Dynamics recently introduced its latest humanoid robot, named ‘Atlas’, in a post on X (formerly Twitter). The engineering and robotics design company shared a 30-second video showcasing Atlas’s capabilities.

In the video, Atlas starts by lying flat on the ground and then gradually wakes up. Demonstrating its agility, the humanoid bends its feet backwards and stands up, performing various twists and turns as it approaches the cameraman. Despite lacking facial features, Atlas engages briefly with the cameraman in what could be considered a brief interaction. Atlas then exits the frame.

Atlas joins other Boston Dynamics robots like Spot and Stretch, representing a new generation of fully-electric robots designed to handle challenging tasks. Boston Dynamics stated that Hyundai plans to invest in the engineering and robotics company to support new testing for Atlas. The goal for Atlas is to improve upon the capabilities of the HD Atlas, allowing it to lift heavier objects and enhance various gripper technologies, as detailed in a Boston Dynamics blog post.