McAuliffe Abruptly Cancels Virginia Beach Rally on Election Eve as Youngkin Draws Large Crowds as Both Candidates Barnstorm State

The campaign of Democrat candidate for Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe abruptly canceled an election eve rally in Virginia Beach set for 12:45 p.m. Monday, offering no reason as to why. McAuliffe has struggled to draw enthusiastic crowds as the rival Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin has held large, boisterous rallies of supporters across the state. Youngkin has a rally scheduled for Monday evening in Virginia Beach.

WVEC-TV reported the cancellation by McAuliffe (excerpt):

Republican Glenn Youngkin and Democrat Terry McAuliffe were both initially scheduled to hold events in Virginia Beach on Monday, Nov. 1, but a spokesperson for McAuliffe said he would no longer be having one in Hampton Roads.

Instead, McAuliffe will be campaigning today in a different portion of the state.

Youngkin is still on schedule to host a rally today at Neptune’s Park, which is located on Atlantic Avenue, at 5 p.m.

The McCauliffe rally was to be held at Smartmouth Brewing:

The Washington Times reported McAuliffe’s schedule before the cancellation:

“Democrat Terry McAuliffe is crisscrossing Virginia on the eve of the governor’s election, making stops in Roanoke, Virginia Beach, Richmond and Fairfax County.”

Photos from McAuliffe’s first stop of the day in Roanoke shows he drew an anemic crowd of a few dozen:

Meanwhile, Youngkin drew large crowds at two rallies held Monday in Roanoke and Richmond with rallies in Virginia Beach and Loudoun County.

The New York Times reported Sunday that McAuliffe crowds are so lame that staffers have to lead cheers, “When Mr. McAuliffe went to speak, the crowd yelled ‘Terry, Terry, Terry’ only after a campaign staffer started the chant to ramp up the energy in the room.”