Mayor in Maryland Mentored by Pete Buttigieg Arrested on 56 Child Sex Charges

The gay Mayor of College Park, Maryland, who was mentored by Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and joined Joe Biden at the White House on multiple occasions to celebrate gay “pride” has been arrested on dozens of child sex charges after authorities found him distributing child pornography.

Patrick Wojahn, the gay Democrat Mayor of College Park, Maryland, has been arrested on more than 56 child sex charges after authorities executed a search warrant at his home in search of a trove of child pornography, which they did indeed locate. The authorities were pointed to the home of Wojahn, who’s been widely celebrated by the left as the “first openly gay Mayor of College Park, Maryland,” after receiving a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that a social media account based in Prince George’s County had been peddling child porn.

In all, Wojahn faces 40 counts of possession of child exploitative material (child porn) and 16 counts of distribution of child exploitative material (child porn), according to a press release from the Prince George’s County Police Department. He is currently in the custody of the Department of Corrections, the release explained.

In addition to forcing “Pride Month” celebrations onto College Park and frequenting the Biden White House, the arrested mayor is a close personal friend and mentee of Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, another Democrat who’s been widely celebrated by the left for his homosexuality.

Wojahn has posed for photos with Buttigieg on multiple occasions, including at the White House. In a post he made to Twitter in 2019, he appears with his arm around Buttigieg, the former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, along with a caption of “just two mayors, grabbing a beer together.” Around that time, Wojahn was a major supporter of Buttigieg’s presidential campaign.

According to a report from Town Hall, Wojahn and Buttigieg have been friends since at least 2015, when Wojahn was the newly-elected Mayor of College Park and Buttigieg the Mayor of South Bend.

It was then that Wojahn attended a US Conference of Mayors meeting in Washington, DC, where Buttigieg “was assigned” to be his “buddy.” Not long after that, Town Hall reported, the two men’s “husbands” met at an Obama White House event.

Though police raided his house on February 17th, Wojahn didn’t resign until Wednesday, March 1st, and didn’t appear to mention the reason behind the raid in his resignation letter to city officials. In an initial announcement, the College Park City Council was supportive of Wojahn, thanking him for his “many years of dedicated service.”

Hours later, news of Wojahn’s arrest broke, and the city council changed its tune, writing in a renewed press release that they were “shocked and disturbed by the news.”

According to local media reports, residents are shocked, disturbed, and embarrassed, by the pedophilic actions of their Democrat mayor.

“It’s kind of embarrassing,” one resident told WTOP. “It’s terrible.”