Matt Gaetz Shows Copy of Hunter Biden Laptop

Gaetz said the laptop was entered into the congressional record and couldn’t be ‘lost.

  • Matt Gaetz (R-FL) spoke directly to first son Hunter Biden during his speech at the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit in Florida.
  • Gaetz asserted that the FBI had misplaced Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop, saying he believed there was some sort of coverup going on within the law enforcement agency.
  • He then pulled out his phone, saying he had a copy of the laptop because he had “entered it into the congressional record.”
  • The Florida Republican called Hunter the “central point for the Biden crime family” saying that Americans are “witnessing a crime spree in progress.”
  • “We will expose the corruption of this administration,” Gaetz promised the cheering crowd that began chanting, “Lock him up.”
  • “We know the Chinese communists who own you….You and the big guy have never lived one day under real republican oversight,” Gaetz said to a cheering crowd. “These aren’t going to be the days of Lindsey Graham breathlessly promising us every night that he is about to bring Hunter Biden in at any moment.”
  • “In our America, the people are empowered, and the government is constrained–not the other way around. In our America, we are not a beggar state at the mercy of globalists–instead, we build, grow, and buy things right here at home. In our America, we are proudly Ultra MAGA–not some low-energy roadside RINO safari. In our America, we are going to stand for truth–and we are going to have a whole lot of fun doing it.”
  • At another point in Gaetz’s speech, he took on the detractors of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, saying he thought it was odd that “the women with the least likelihood of getting pregnant are the ones most worried about having abortions.”
  • When asked Monday about what he would say if he was told that some found the comments offensive, the congressman simply stated, “Be offended.”