Marxist Black Lives Matter Leader Calls for Reparations in Form of Land Reapportionment from Wealthy White People

These people are stone-cold Marxists intent on destroying this country.

The Marxist BLM leader Bree Newsome wants to eliminate police in the US. A significant number of crazy Democrats want this too.
Bree Newsome also wants reparations and land reapportionment from wealthy white people.

This is where these demon Marxists want to lead America.

The Post Millennial reported:

Black Lives Matter leader Bree Newsome calls for reparations in the form of land reapportionment. She wrote on Twitter that crimes committed by the ancestors of white people should be paid by those descendants. Those who have benefited from the gains of white criminals past, she posits, should not be able to use those assets, if they are currently in possession of them.

“Amazing how white people commit atrocities in one generation & then they just disappear from existence,” she wrote. “No descendants, no names, no current wealth or land holdings that can be identified as a result of the atrocity.