Martha Chansley to Newsmax: Son Victim of Jan. 6 ‘Injustice’

Martha Chansley, the mother of so-called “QAnon Shaman” Jacob Chansley, told Newsmax that she’s “happy that the truth” of Jan. 6 “is being revealed” through a video showing two U.S. Capitol Police officers escorting her son past other police officers and to the door of the U.S. Senate the day of the protests, as his conviction was an “injustice.”

“Those are the very things that Jacob spoke about,” Martha Chansley told Newsmax’s “Greg Kelly Reports” on Tuesday. “That’s what he did when he was there. He went through open doors. He was escorted into the Senate. He was escorted around and you can see that they were following him. They’re trying to check doors for him to go through.”

The footage, released through House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, shows the officers closely following Jacob Chansley through the halls of the Capitol as he wore a Viking-horned hat and face paint.

His mother told Newsmax that her son remains incarcerated at a federal prison in Safford, Arizona, and said he’s “doing really well considering all the circumstances” and is in “good spirits.”

However, Martha Chansley said she doesn’t know if her son’s attorney, Albert Watkins, saw the footage before the plea deal was reached leading to his sentence of 41 months in prison, and she does not think her son was satisfied with Watkins’ services “at all.”

Martha Chansley also rejected theories that the Jan. 6 protests were some kind of “inside job,” and said her son never told her that.

Martha Chansley said her son was and is still a supporter of former President Donald Trump, and she can’t give an answer about whether her son is thinking of hiring another lawyer, seeking another trial, or trying to get his case overturned.

“We’re just going to have to wait and see,” she said. “I think that we’re going to have to wait out some options.”

Reporting from Newsmax.