Marjorie Taylor Greene’s New Bill Would Declare Antifa a Terrorist Organization

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Georgia Republican, announced on Monday night that she plans to introduce legislation declaring Antifa a domestic terrorist organization.

Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) introduced a similar bill in 2019, and then-President Donald Trump tweeted in May 2020 about his intentions to formally label the group a terrorist organization.

During her Monday appearance on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Rep. Greene stated, “I think, honestly, America is sick and tired of Antifa,” adding that Antifa represents “the ground troops of the Democrat party.”

“We need to investigate exactly who they are” and “who funds them,” she said.

Six people were arrested on charges of domestic terrorism by Atlanta police over the weekend after Antifa activists carried out violent riots that shattered windows, destroyed police cars, and vandalized walls with graffiti.

Antifa demonstrations in Atlanta took place alongside similar riots in Boston, where a monument at the Boston Common was damaged by protesters and a police officer was attacked.

Rep. Greene told Carlson, “It’s time to do something about Antifa. That’s why I’m going to introduce legislation to declare Antifa domestic terrorists—because they need to be taken apart.”

The Georgia congresswoman also pointed out that Antifa supporters “defend Democrat causes,” including “the drag queens targeting our children with Drag Queen Story Time.”

Antifa is said to be short for “anti-fascist,” although Greene argued that the group and its supporters are “not the anti-fascists” but instead are themselves “the fascists.”