Maricopa County Election Certified

Maricopa County residents rebuked how the 2022 election was carried out at a supervisory board meeting on Monday that ultimately approved the results of the county’s vote.

From Just the News:

The county took about a week to count the votes and many poll workers said that ballots weren't being read, tabulators weren't working, and many people were unable to vote. 

"Thousands could not vote. Thousands left discouraged," Maricopa resident Sharon Huber said during public comment at the meeting today. "I was one of those voters disenfranchised in Wickenburg in Maricopa County. I tried to vote in person and I was told by the poll workers I had the right kind of ballot, that they had problems with the printers at first, as well as the tabulators all day long."

"Sure enough the tabulator would not accept my ballot," Huber continued. "I tried over and over for close to an hour — going from one tabulator to another. I inspected my ballot. My ballot looked perfect and no matter what I did, the tabulator would not accept it. I watched dozens of voters have the same problems."

Many poll workers came to the meeting to present issues they witnessed on Election Day.


Many residents called for the Board of Supervisors not to certify the election until the issues with the voting machines and process are resolved.