Marianne Williamson Begins 2024 Presidential Campaign

Marianne Williamson launched her 2024 presidential campaign at Union Station in Washington, D.C., the only Democrat to officially announce a bid. “Those pseudo sophisticates who gave us their PR about how they are the adults you see and people like myself and should really sit down now,” Williamson said in her speech. “They would have us think this whole thing is just too complicated. No, ladies and gentleman, the problem is not that it is complicated. The problem is that it is corrupt.”

From National File:

New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley recently discussed the field as the first vote approaches. “President Biden will not file for election in the New Hampshire primary, which will still go first. This will set him up, we believe, for an embarrassing situation where the first primary in the country will be won by someone other than the president. This will only fuel chatter of about Democrats divisions,” Buckley said.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr, who has come out strongly against the Covid vaccine, has also spent much time in New Hampshire. Speculation is flying that Kennedy Jr may also join the Democratic primary field.