Man Claims Pepsi Max, Milk & Mango Chutney All Tested Positive For Coronavirus

Fact checkers claim it’s due to acidity.

A man who says he tested numerous household items for COVID-19 claims that Pepsi Max, milk and mango chutney all came up positive.

The individual contacted to relate how he tested seven different items using lateral flow tests.

Three gave a negative result, one gave a void, with the other three producing a positive result.

“I make that a false positive rate of 43%, or 50% if you remove the voided result from the sample,” stated the reader.

Water tea, and the man’s own saliva came back negative, Lee & Perrins sauce gave a void, but Pepsi Max, milk and mango chutney all came up positive for SARS-CoV-2.

“Obviously, I am not going to report these staggering results, but maybe I’m looking for a conspiracy in the wrong area… Maybe the real bombshell is that COVID-19 is being spread through cola, cow’s milk and curry condiments,” he joked.