Male Rapist Requests Move to Women’s Prison

A Scottish sex offender now identifies as a woman and requested to be moved to a women’s prison. Albert Caballero was convicted of raping a care worker in 2018 and sentenced to eight years in prison. Caballero’s request comes as Scottland passed the Gender Recognition Reform Bill, making it easier for people to change their sex. Caballero is reportedly the third rapist to claim a trans identity.

From The Post Millennial:

A senior staff source at the prison told the Daily Caller that Caballero’s behavior was chilling. 

“There’s something about him that calls to mind Silence of the Lambs. He has mad, staring eyes and sometimes they just seem to go right through you,” said the insider. “There has been talk in the jail about the prospect of him seeking a move to be among women but, given his offence, don’t see how anyone would risk it, even the most vociferous person in favour of self-ID.”