‘Male Is Male. Female Is Female’: Putin Anti-Woke (Video)

“Let’s think about common sense.”

  • Vladimir Putin expressed hopes that Russian society possesses a “moral armor” that will protect citizens from woke culture, shows a video from RT News.
  • “Male is male. Female is female. Mother is mother. And father is father,” Putin says in the video.
  • Russia’s top leader said his opinions on sex and gender are “enshrined in our religion,” referring to Russian culture, which promotes Orthodox Christianity.
  • Putin also boasted about his nation’s character as being a “multi-ethnic, multi-religious society” that has learned to “live with mutual respect towards one another.”
  • “That means that we respect the cultures, the spiritual foundations of all peoples across Russia,” he added.

“I think that each nation should have its own immune system that protects itself against bad ideas, against damaging ideas,” Putin said. “And to fight against that, we should not just point fingers and shout at people. But we should support our own traditional values.”

  • Last year, while speaking at an annual meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, Putin had stressed that his country should adhere to its own “spiritual values and historical traditions,” while steering clear of “sociocultural disturbances” in the West, The Washington Post reports.
  • Some Westerners believe “the aggressive deletion of whole pages of their own history, reverse discrimination against the majority in the interests of minorities … constitute movement toward public renewal,” Putin went on. “It’s their right, but we are asking them to steer clear of our home. We have a different viewpoint.”