Majority of Democrat Voters Think Strict Gun Control Doesn’t Affect Crime Levels: Trafalgar Poll

Trafalgar Group poll of U.S. voters from the Democrat Party shows majority believe “the strict gun laws in most major cities” do not curb “current retail crime surge.”

  • The poll showed that just over 47% of all respondents believe the gun controls make “no difference,” and more than 37% believe the laws end up making crime sprees “worse.”
  • 53.8% of Democrat respondents said the gun controls make “no difference” in the crime spree, while 16.1% said the controls actually make it “worse.”
  • 54.6% of Republican respondents said the gun laws are making the crime spree worse, and 38.1% said the laws make no difference.
  • Almost 51% of respondents with no party affiliation said the gun controls make “no difference.”
  • The Trafalgar survey was conducted on behalf of the nonprofit Convention of States Action, which advocates for returning federal powers to the states.
  • The poll was conducted December 17, 2021, through December 22, 2021.
  • The findings match a previous polling pattern that reveals a growing voter pushback against progressive police reform, according to pollster Robert Cahaly, who formed Trafalgar Group in 2016.
  • “There seems to be a growing consensus among urban residents that less police, releasing criminals and failure to prosecute are making them feel less safe,” Cahaly said. “They are frustrated that unlike most who live in rural and suburban areas, city residents don’t feel they have the right to protect themselves due to gun restrictions that only hurt law-abiding citizens.”
  • On November 17, 2021, it was reported that Gallup figures showed support for stricter gun control was at its lowest point since 2014.
  • The Gallup survey also showed that support for a handgun ban was at its lowest point since surveys about such a ban began to be taken in 1959, Breitbart reports.