Mainstream Media Talks About Cicada Hotspots And Discusses People Eating Bugs

The Swarms Seem To Be On Their Way

The mainstream media is determined to continue bringing up the concept of eating cicadas for protein, as they also predictive-program a massive cicada presence in our country this spring.

The mainstream corporate media has been horrifyingly pitching the idea of “snacking” on cicadas as the globalists try to prepare the human people for food and other supply shortages. A Maryland television “news” lady reported on some “hotspots for cicadas” in the Baltimore area. She then talked about how cicadas might give you food allergies if you’re allergic to seafood, because cicadas are supposedly related to “shrimp and lobsters.”

The mainstream media is hyping the benefits of eating bugs while a new report shows the “insect protein” market projected to grow to billion-dollar size in the foreseeable future. This trend does not necessarily spell hope for the future of humanity as we move into a global New World Order in which individuals are disempowered and the so-called “Great Reset” strips humans of their economic potential, especially considering that stopping “climate change” seems to be one of the talking points promoting insect consumption.

In 2013, National Geographic ran the headline “U.N. Urges Eating Insects; 8 Popular Bugs to Try.” As the years have gone on, the trend has garnered more publicity, and it’s reaching a crescendo these days. Here are some recent headlines from our media overlords: “Cole Sprouse Talks Photography, Riverdale, and Eating Bugs” in Vogue, “How to eat cicadas: Just in time for the swarm, tips on cooking the bug-eyed bugs” in WBIR, “They’re Healthy. They’re Sustainable. So Why Don’t Humans Eat More Bugs?” in TIME for a “TIME 2030” feature, which notes that “climate change” could be combated through insect farming.