Mainstream Media Rebukes Biden Docs

Several Democrats and legacy media outlets have criticized Biden for his administration’s handling of the discovered classified documents. Illinois Senator Dick Durban (D) said on CNN that “it makes no difference” who found the documents, be it a staffer or attorney, because the “elected official bears ultimate responsibility.” Democrat Joe Manchin (WV) said Biden’s handling of the situation is “totally irresponsible.” ABC News’ Martha Raddatz and Mary Bruce said the administration’s response to the documents is hypocritical. “The problem is the White House insisted all week that the president takes classified documents seriously,” said Raddatz, Bruce adding that the “White House press secretary here has really hammered home this argument that the president takes classified documents seriously, yet they keep finding more of them.”

From National Review:

On January 17, reporters demanded to know why Jean-Pierre spoke to reporters the previous Friday without disclosing that more classified documents had been recovered the night prior. 

“On Friday, you stood here, though, and were asked about this documents issue, by our count, some 18 times,” ABC News White House correspondent Cecilia Vega said. “At that point, the President’s lawyers had found these five additional pages of classified documents. So, did you not know on Friday that those documents had been found when you were at the podium? Or are you being directed by someone to not be forthcoming on this issue?” 

Jean-Pierre claimed she had been “forthcoming on the issue.” The press secretary has claimed several times in the last month that the White House is being “transparent” about the investigation, while dodging questions from reporters about the situation.