Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and High-Profile Celebrities Seen Maskless at Super Bowl

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and several celebrities were spotted maskless at Super Bowl LVI.

Garcetti’s Super Bowl appearance was the second time the Los Angeles mayor was caught maskless at an NFL game, drawing criticism online.

Garcetti was not the only one at the event to take off their masks. Footage of LeBron James, Ellen DeGeneres, and several other celebrities revealed that they had attended the game without keeping their masks on.

Los Angeles and California have been subject to extensive COVID-19 precautions, including vaccine and mask mandates. Despite this, many fans ignored the mask mandate during the NFC championship at SoFi, reported ABC7.

Garcetti had previously received criticism for his decision to remove his mask at a Jan. 30 NFL playoff game between the San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams.

“I wore my mask the entire game, and when people ask for a photograph, I hold my breath and put it here, and people can see that,” Garcetti said in a press conference on Feb. 3. “There is a 0% chance of infection from that.”

SoFi Stadium, where the Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals, has a policy requiring all attendees to wear a mask, even providing KN95 masks to attendees.

A representative from Garcetti’s office did not respond to requests for comment from the Washington Examiner.