Los Angeles City Council Censures 3 Democrats for Racist Comments

The Los Angeles City Council unanimously decided on Wednesday to reprimand the three Democrats, Gil Cedillo, Kevin de Léon, and Nury Martinez after they were overheard talking racially about redistricting the council last autumn.


Before the vote, police officers cleared the council chamber of about two dozen protesters who were demanding that the council stop meeting until Cedillo and De León resigned. The police issued a dispersal order to empty the room, a tactic usually reserved for handling street protests, and demonstrators eventually filed out.


Under City Charter rules adopted in 2000, the council may, by a two-thirds vote, adopt a resolution of censure against members whose actions “constitute gross failure to meet the high standards of personal and professional conduct.”

City Council President Paul Krekorian said he wants the council to confer with its lawyers on whether there are other steps it can take to remove De León.