Livestock Vaccine Made With mRNA

Since 2018, pork producers have been utilizing a livestock mRNA vaccine.

The first mRNA livestock vaccine was developed by Harrisvaccines in 2012, followed by an avian flu shot also RNA-based in 2015.

An mRNA vaccine for cows is currently underway at Iowa State University, potentially affecting both beef and dairy products.

Reporting from The Defender:

The same year Merck purchased Harrisvaccines (2015), it also entered into a partnership with Moderna to develop a number of undisclosed mRNA “vaccines.” It was slated to be a three-year collaboration, with a one-year optional extension, in which Merck would perform research and development and commercialization of five potential products using Moderna’s mRNA technology.


If mRNA shots can cause significant disease in humans, how has it affected our pork supply for the last five years? And how will it affect beef and chicken in the future? Can consuming genetically manipulated meat affect your health? These are questions that currently do not have answers and must be thoroughly and comprehensively investigated.