Lindsey Graham Booed, Dismissed at Trump Rally in Home County

Originally published July 3, 2023 6:35 am PDT

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham (R) encountered a hostile reception at former President Donald Trump’s Independence Day weekend rally, held in his home county of Pickens, South Carolina.

The rally drew a vast crowd, said to be well into the tens of thousands, many of whom showed their disdain for Graham by booing him incessantly throughout his speech, which lasted around six minutes.

Graham, a well-known figure within the Republican establishment, known for his hawkish stance on international issues, was greeted with loud boos as soon as he appeared on stage.

The wave of disapproval, which peaked when he entered and exited the stage, persisted for the entire duration of his speech, with occasional variations in intensity.

Significantly, Graham’s reception cannot be dismissed as an anomaly, given that he was speaking in his home county, a region that has played a significant part in his personal and political life.

Fox News’ Rachel Campos-Duffy called the ordeal “super embarrassing” during a “Fox & Friends” segment that aired video of Graham being booed.

Born and raised in Pickens County, he completed his high school education there in 1973, according to National File.

The news outlet noted that Graham, while endorsing Trump’s 2024 campaign and often serving as a surprise ally during the Trump administration, has remained distinct in his policy approach.

These differences became more apparent when Trump, during his own speech at the rally, criticized the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, a war that Graham supports and that Trump asserts risks instigating a third World War.

Indeed, during a recent interaction with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Graham defended the US’s financial assistance to Ukraine, which is funded by American taxpayers and totals several billion dollars.

He justified this investment by stating that it was “the best money we’ve ever spent” because “Russians are dying,” National File emphasized.