Lights at Bagram Airbase Turned On—Chinese Military Planes Reportedly Seen Landing at Abandoned US Airbase in Afghanistan

China military planes reportedly landed at Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan.  This is after Biden abandoned the base in its hasty surrender of the country.

For the first time since Joe Biden and General Milley withdrew all US forces from Bagram Air Base and left the Taliban with billions in US military weapons, the lights at Bagram were turned on last night.

Local witnessed several military planes, reportedly from China, landing and taking off from the base last night.

Joe Biden withdrew all US forces from Afghanistan and Bagram Air Base and now China is reportedly landing its planes there.

There has NEVER been a greater military blunder in US history.

The Daily Mail is reporting:

There have been multiple reports of military planes arriving at Bagram airbase in Afghanistan, just hours after images emerged showing that power was restored to the base for the first time since US forces evacuated the stronghold in July.

Images circulating on social media appear to show the airbase’s floodlights blazing in the distance, amid reports that several military planes have taken off and landed at the base in recent hours.

Several sources suggest that the aircraft are Chinese, given the Taliban are not thought to possess the expertise needed to power the base or maintain and fly several military aircraft.

The Taliban rejected rumors China was at the former US base:

There are other reports of China meeting with the Taliban.

Meanwhile, the Taliban is rounding up individuals suspected of being attached to the former regime or the US and torturing them.