LGBT Activists Call For Archaeologists To Stop Identifying Human Remains Based On Birth Gender

Archaeologists are being accused of misgendering dead bodies.

LGBT activists are seeking to advance their progressive agenda in the Archaeology field, advocating that archaeologists stop identifying human remains based on their gender.

Emma Palladino, a Canadian Master’s Degree candidate, went viral on social media when she called on archaeologists to stop assuming someone’s gender identity in their research.

“My trans+non-binary friends: You might know the argument that the archaeologists who find your bones one day will assign you the same gender as you had at birth, so regardless of whether you transition, you can’t escape your assigned sex,” Palladino posted on Twitter earlier this month.

Palladino, an Archaeology master’s degree student, called the current gender norms in Archaeology “bullshit” and claimed “there’s absolutely more work to be done, and more education, empathy, and sensitivity is very much required in the field of archaeology.”

She went on to write a sympathetic message to LGBT community members who may have been “misgendered” by “some shitty archaeologist in the future.”

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“And even IF some shitty archaeologist in the future misgenders you, that will never change who you were, regardless of whether you’ve medically or socially transitioned, regardless of anything. You are you, a dignified human, and always will be, even in death,” Palladino posted to her Twitter, which she recently limited public access to.

The “Trans Doe Task Force” group has pushed a message of LGBT activism similar to Palladino’s in the forensic field. The group intends to “explore ways in which current standards in forensic human identification do a disservice to people who do not clearly fit the gender binary.”

“We propose a gender-expansive approach to human identification by combing missing and unidentified databases looking for contextual clues such as decedents wearing clothing culturally coded to a gender other than their assigned sex,” the Trans Doe Task Force’s mission statement reads.

Members of Academia have also encouraged LGBT teaching in anthropology courses. Jennifer Raff, an assistant professor the Anthropology Department at the University of Kansas, published a widely covered book in February which promoted progressive beliefs in scientific studies.

In Kaff’s book, she suggests there are “no neat divisions between physically or genetically ‘male’ or ‘female’ individuals.”

Kaff added that the traditional gender definitions of being male or female only, “were imposed by Christian colonizers.”

Reporting by the National File.