‘Let’s Go Brandon! We’ll See You In Court’: Texas AG Paxton Slams Biden, Files Suit Against Biden Administration Over Border Wall

On Thursday, Texas GOP Attorney General Ken Paxton announced that his state will join Missouri to file suit against the Biden administration, telling the cheering crowd that he wanted to say to President Joe Biden, “Let’s go, Brandon! We’ll see you in court.”

Paxton started, “Well, thank you all for coming. As you can see we’re in El Paso, a great city in Texas with the border wall behind us and the attorney general of Missouri, Eric Schmidt, he’s a good friend of mine, he’s come down to announce with us — and I’m going to let him say his own words — that we will be filing a lawsuit against the Biden administration as it relates to building this wall.”

“The fact that Congress appropriated large sums of money and directed that that money be spent on the wall, our lawsuit is about forcing that expenditure to be spent the way Congress intended,” he warned. “And the reason we care so much about this is [that] it is having tremendously negative effects on our states, I’ll let Eric tell you what he’s doing in Missouri, but obviously tremendous social costs, much higher crime, we’ve got the cartels on our border who are human trafficking and [filing] people through here. As you know, these people don’t get here for free.”

“They have to pay the cartels and as a result, Border Patrol and many of our law enforcement are busy dealing with a lot of people, record numbers of people,” he added. “I think the numbers are up over 300% from just a year ago under the Trump administration and that is forcing Border Patrol to spend a lot more time on more logistics as opposed to stopping the importation of drugs like Fentanyl, which is killing people and will kill people all over the country and so it’s having tremendous social cost, but it also has tremendous economic costs for my state and for Missouri.”

“And so, we’re having to spend a lot of money on health care, on law enforcement, on other types of programs for people that coming to our state that we were not anticipating, and obviously we’re not getting help from the federal government and we’re also having to spend a lot of money on border security,” Paxton continued. “You should know the legislature appropriated, I think it was $1.8 billion, much of if for building a wall, and so we’re just here to say that we are very discouraged by the lack of care by the president, the fact that he has done almost everything he can do to make it more difficult for our border towns and for our border states and even for the entire United States as we’ve watched our immigration problem become a massive problem.”

“And I would say it’s the direct results of policies that they knew would do exactly what they’re doing,” he said, winding up. “And so, I just want to finish my comments —and then I’ll let Eric say what he’s going to say — and just say to the President of the United States, ‘Let’s go, Brandon, we’ll see you in court.’”

“On Inauguration Day, Biden ordered a pause on all border wall construction and an assessment of federal government contracts already awarded for the project, calling former President Donald Trump’s signature promise a ‘waste of money’ and saying that it was ‘not a serious policy solution,’” The Texas Tribune reported, adding, “The lawsuit, filed against Biden and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in the U.S. district court in Victoria, argues that Congress had set aside $1.375 billion to construct barriers along the southwest border and that the Biden administration doesn’t have the constitutional authority to refuse to spend money that Congress authorized for border wall construction.”

Video of Paxton below:


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