‘Let Them Die’: Virginia NAACP Leader Speaks Against Parents Protesting Critical Race Theory

Fairfax County NAACP First Vice President Michelle Leete said “Let them die” while referring to parents who disagree with Critical Race Theory (CRT).

  • A video shows Leete giving a speech to anti-CRT protesters at Luther Jackson Middle School in Fairfax, Virginia Thursday evening, during which she said of the protestors, “Let them die.” (See video below.)
  • The protesting parents were rallying before a school board meeting—the last before summer break—”to protest Fairfax County Public Schools teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT),” according to Breitbart News.
  • A flyer for the “Stop CRT Rally” event representing the protestors’ views said of CRT, “It’s not about race or equity, it’s about a Communist Radical Takeover of America!”
  • Others, in opposition, gathered “to support CRT and the LGBT agenda in schools,” including Leete, who is also vice president of communications for the Fairfax County Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), and vice president of training for the Virginia PTA, Breitbart reports.
  • “Let’s meet and remain steadfast, steadfast, in speaking truth, tearing down double standards, and refuting double talk. Let’s not allow any double downing on lies. Let’s prepare our children for a world they deserve. Let’s deny this off-key band of people that are anti-education, anti-teacher, anti-equity, anti-history, anti-racial reckoning, anti-opportunities, anti-help people, anti-diversity, anti-platform, anti-science, anti-change agent, anti-social justice, anti-health care, anti-worker, anti-LGBTQ+, anti-children, anti-health care, anti-worker, anti-environment, anti-admissions policy change, anti-inclusion, anti-live-and-let-live people,” Leete said to the protestors.
  • “Let them die,” she added. “Don’t let these uncomfortable people, don’t let these uncomfortable people deter us from our bold march forward.”


  • “We should not be using tax dollars to support this [CRT] ideology,” said Harry Jackson, father of three children in the Fairfax public school system, adding “That’s toxic. That’s creating divisions based on race within the community. It has no place.”
  • Jackson went on to say, “My youngest daughter is a five-year-old. Like other parents, when I take her to the playground, she doesn’t see race. She just sees other kids and she wants to make a friend and she wants to play and have games. She doesn’t see race. Why would I poison her childhood and her upbringing by teaching her to see things through a racial lens? It has no place,” Jackson said.