Leftists Are Weaponizing the Latest Mass Shooting to Further Their False ‘White Supremacist’ Narrative

Eight innocent people were murdered by a white man in Atlanta on Tuesday, six of which were Asian women.

As if on cue, left-wing race-hustlers immediately jumped at the chance to blame the incident on “white supremacy.”

These leftists saw the tragic situation as merely another opportunity to disparage America, which they believe to be an irredeemably racist country.

This is due to the fact that many on the left believe white supremacy to be a powerful, influential force in the American society of today.

These leftists don’t require, or even look for, proof to support this theory, however. Instead, they often immediately cry “racism” whenever a tragedy occurs, often before all of the facts are out.

This most recent case is a perfect example of this, especially considering recent reports indicate the shooter wasn’t even motivated by race.

While authorities have asserted they cannot yet make an official determination of motive, the suspect — Robert Aaron Long, 21 — who confessed to the shooting, cited his sex addiction as his motivation.