Leftist Publication Slate Encourages Incest in Article Published on Eve of Valentines Day

Far-left publication Slate trying to “normalize” incest in an article about sexual attraction to family members, asking, “am I alone?

  • Slate magazine appeared to try to de-stigmatize sexual attraction among family members with their article, “I’m Worried My Sexual Desires Mean Something Is Very Wrong With My Brain.”
  • The article appears to be a sex advice column and begins with someone noting that their first crush was on an uncle.
  • They went on to say that they’ve been attracted to two cousins as well, though they’ve “never, ever considered acting on these desires or told anyone.”
  • In response, the columnist essentially said that humans typically only have aversions to those they are raised around, therefore family members from outside the childhood home aren’t always someone people naturally have a sexual aversion to.
  • Slate cited “evolutionary programming” when addressing the question, and went on to talk about the places where it is “legal to marry one’s, first cousin.”
  • The article was covered by conservative news site Not The Bee who said that “The message being preached here is the logical conclusion of the ‘born this way’ LGBT movement.
  • In addition to making their reader feel better about the sexual attraction to their family members, they pointed out just how far away a cousin would have to be to avoid the risk of genetic troubles with children.
  • “While reproducing with one’s first cousin does have a somewhat elevated risk of birth defects, they’re still fairly low (according to one scholar, chance of early death and illness is between three and four percent greater than in non-cousin couples, but this risk only applies to carriers of rare disorders that are present in less than 10 percent in cousin couples),” Slate stated.
  • “It has been argued, in fact, that third or fourth cousins are a Goldilocks sort of pairing, genetically speaking: Their genes would be diverse enough to avoid the risks of first cousins but close enough to avoid genetic incompatibilities.
  • At one point the article advised it might be “Time to bust out the family tree and start making some calls!”
  • Popular Science took a unique response to quarantine in the summer of 2021 with their article, “Go ahead, marry your cousin- it’s not that bad for your future kids.”
  • The article cited scientists at Columbia University who conducted a 7-year study of child development of a 13 million-member family tree who credited the industrial revolution and the improvement of transportation with the broader variations in the genetic makeup of couples.
  • The article also cited Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, and Charles Darwin who reportedly married cousins, citing the historical opinion that these unions “weren’t considered bad or gross.”