Leftist Intelligence Analyst Says Republican Party Has Become an ‘Insurgency’

The analyst said that means they might have to fight their “neighbors.”

  • Intelligence analyst and author Malcolm Nance said Wednesday on Peacock’s “Zerlina” that he believes the Republican Party has become an insurgency in the United States.
  • According to Nance, this means that Republicans might be preparing to fight their “neighbors” in the course of their beliefs.
  • The author said he thinks to understand the “kind of terrorism we might be dealing with” it needs to be labeled as “extremism.”
  • Nance said about 30% of Americans don’t believe in the nation’s founding principles, and that Jan 6 was an attempt to overthrow democracy.
  • “Here is the United States — to characterize that to understand what kind of terrorism we might be dealing with, you have to label it as white extremism because we have 30% of the population of the United States who no longer believe in the democratic norms that we established in the founding of the country,” Nance said.
  • “Let’s just be honest about that. The January 6 uprising was an attempt to overthrow American democracy. And we have now learned from the hearing that Donald Trump intended to go there to march down to the well of the House of Representatives and essentially be crowned as a king,” the analyst added.
  • When asked by Maxwell if he believed what was happening now is insurance and if there is a persistent ongoing threat from extremists, Nance said he thinks it’s clear Republicans will attempt to overthrow the government.
  • “I was reading their forums. I was reading their own intelligence about what they intended to do. wIt was pretty clear at that point that they were going to try to either overthrow the government or they were going to settle in for a long-term series of destabilizing actions using a political party, the Republican party, as their political base and then using violence, threat of violent extremism as a way to manifest change in the street. So remove politics from the halls of power and change politics through violence on the street. This is called an insurgency. The insurrection that happened on January 6 that was one event. An insurgency is a chain of events. It’s common knowledge. A year and a half ago, when I was calling this an insurgency, people were saying, that’s crazy, this isn’t an insurgency, this isn’t like Iraq, it’s not like Libya, it’s not like Syria. Well, it is. And it’s well on its way. It’s closer to the beginnings of the Irish Republican Army.”
  • Nance was comparing Republicans to the insurgency in Iraq that was part of the Islamic State, and caused civil war in the Middle Eastern country.
  • Insurgents are known to perpetrate beheadings and other violence to their own countries.