Left-Leaning Men More Conservative After Testosterone Boosts

Democratic-leaning men became more conservative after taking testosterone boosts, a study found.

The study, published by the Los Angeles-based Claremont Graduate University, concluded that weakly-affiliated Democrats developed “warmer feelings towards Republican candidates” when their testosterone levels were boosted.

“Before the testosterone treatment, we found that weakly affiliated Democrats had 19% higher basal testosterone than those who identified strongly with the party (p=0.015),” reads the study’s abstract. “When weakly affiliated Democrats received additional testosterone, the strength of their party fell by 12% (p=.01) and they reported 45% warmer feelings towards Republican candidates for president (p < 0.001).”

“Our results demonstrate that testosterone induces a ‘red shift’ among weakly-affiliated Democrats.”

The increase of testosterone had no effect on the political leanings of men who considered themselves strongly Democratic, nor did it have much effect on men who already considered themselves Republican.

The study brings to mind a 2017 study stating that men who regularly lifted weights at the gym were more likely to consider themselves conservative.

“Our results suggest that wealthier men who are more formidable physically are more likely to oppose [a left-wing] redistribution of wealth,” stated the study’s authors. “Essentially, they seem more motivated to defend their resources, but less wealthy men who are still physically formidable don’t seem more inclined to support redistribution either.”

“They’re not demanding a share of the wealth.”

Another study from 2007 found that men who regularly lifted weights experienced a boost in testosterone levels.

This, of course, sheds new light on the leftist war against so-called “toxic masculinity.”

Reporting from NewsWars.