Leaked Jan 6 Video Shows Undercover Police Encouraging Protestors to Climb U.S. Capitol Scaffolding: ‘Go, Go, Go! Help Them Up!’

The video provides evidence that undercover law enforcement were involved on Jan 6.

  • New, leaked GoPro footage from January 6, 2021 shows undercover police officers provoking crowds to move closer to the U.S. Capitol building.
  • One police officer is shown to be chanting alongside protestors, yelling, “Drain the swamp!” and “USA!”
  • “Which way do you want to go,” one of the police officers asks the others.
  • A third officer responds, “Let’s get up those stairs.”
  • The officers make their way through the crowd, later shouting to protestors, “Go, go go! Help them up, help them up, help them up! Push them up, push them up!” refering to domonstrators making their way up scaffolding around the U.S. Capitol building.
  • One officer aids protestors in climbing the scaffolding, yelling, “Come on, man, let’s go,” and climbs up himself.
  • “Keep going, keep going,” the officer says.
  • Another alleged undercover police officer is shown walking past the official police line without any difficulty.
  • William Pope of Topeka, Kansas, filed a motion in February 2023 to unseal undercover MPD videos from January 6 as part of his attempt to try the case against mainstream media.
  • According to The Epoch Times, “Pope is seeking to lift the court seal on the undercover video as part of his drive to obtain full access to video evidence held by the government. Pope is representing himself in the criminal case being prosecuted against him.”
  • Pope’s motion noted that “One of those exhibits [to disprove the assertion that there were no undercover police] (a video clip of an undercover MPD officer who was joining the crowd in chants of ‘Drain the swamp!’ and ‘Whose house? Our house!’ and repeatedly urging protestors to advance up the northwest steps to the Capitol) could not be shared publicly because the government has designated it as ‘sensitive’ and hidden it under seal,” read the motion, referring to the now-leaked footage.
  • Prosecutor Kelly Moran acknowledged undercover police were present at the Capitol during Jan 6, writing in a March 24 motion, “The specific footage, GoPro video recorded by an MPD police officer who was stationed at the Capitol in an evidence-gathering capacity, captures the officer shouting words to the effect of, ‘Go! Go! Go!’”
  • “At other times in these videos, the officer and the two other plainclothes officers with him appear to join the crowd around them in various chants, including ‘drain the swamp,’ ‘U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!’, and ‘Whose house? Our house,’” Moran continued.
  • Yet, Prosecutor Moran claimed she was against the full public release of the footage, as there are “very specific and highly worrisome risks associated with the specific videos the defendant seeks to share en masse” that may endanger police officers.
Image of March 24 motion from Information Liberation.
  • American Faith reported that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) plans to release tens of thousands of hours of January 6 surveillance footage to the American public.
  • McCarthy told Breitbart News that the footage would be released after all sensitive security information is removed.