Leader of Uyghur Says It’s ‘Unbefitting’ of Biden to Meet With China as Genocide Continues

Prime Minister of East Turkistan, Salih Hudayar, said it is “unbefitting” of “the leader of the Free World” to meet with Xi Jinping as China continues “active genocide against Uyghurs and other Turkic peoples in East Turkistan.” An unknown Biden official claimed the president hoped to establish a China-America relationship as a means of preventing war. While White House media noted that Biden discussed Chinese government’s “practices in Xinjiang, Tibet, and Hong Kong, and human rights more broadly,” Chinese media said it was Xi who “noted that freedom, democracy and human rights are the common pursuit of humanity and also the unwavering pursuit of the CPC [Communist Party of China].” Hudayar added that East Turkistan has “looked up to the U.S. as a beacon of hope,” and seeing the lack of considerable conversation dedicated to human rights is disheartening.

From Breitbart:

East Turkistan is a formerly sovereign nation currently under Chinese Communist Party occupation, home to the majority of the world’s ethnic Uyghur community and sizable Kazakh, Kyrgyz, and other Muslim-majority Turkic populations. The Communist Party for decades has enacted violent policies to subdue indigenous communities, but since at least 2017 has formalized its violence into collective practices now widely recognized as genocide. Among the crimes the communists are committing against the population of East Turkistan are the widespread imprisonment of millions of people in concentration camps – where they have endured indoctrination, slavery, gang rape, and medical tests consistent with live organ harvesting – the imposition of a totalitarian surveillance system, and the use of forced sterilization of what is suspected to be millions of women to keep non-Han populations low. China has also enticed ethnic Han people to move into East Turkistan to change the demographics and dilute the local culture.


Asked how Biden could have made such a meeting productive, Hudayar said, “The only way meeting with the genocidal Chinese dictator would be acceptable is if President Biden had made it clear to Xi that the U.S. and the Free World will no longer allow China to carry out genocide with impunity.”


Following his meeting with Xi, which did not substantively address human rights atrocities, Biden told reporters that he felt he had succeeded in preventing a “cold war” with China.

“I absolutely believe there need not be a new Cold War,” Biden said, later adding, “I’m not suggesting this is Kum-ba-ya … [but] I think we understand each other, which is the most important thing that can be done.”