Lawsuit Claims Biden Admin Worked With Social Media to Censor Vaccine Injuries

The New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA) filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration accusing them of using social media companies to censor those who claim they were injured by the COVID-19 vaccine.

The lawsuit asserts the plaintiffs are not “anti-vaxxers,” but people who were negatively affected by the vaccine.

“The Plaintiffs have all been heavily censored on social media for sharing their personal experiences, exchanging advice, medical research, and support with others who were medically harmed after taking the vaccine,” according to the complaint.

The complaint adds, “For posting about their personal experiences and trying to connect with others in the vaccine-injured community, Plaintiffs’ speech has repeatedly been flagged as misinformation or removed entirely. Their social media accounts are at constant risk of being frozen or disabled just for engaging with other users in private support groups open only to vaccine-injured individuals and sharing perspectives the government deems misinformation.”

Reporting from Reclaim the Net:

Some may argue that COVID-19 vaccine injuries are rare, but the lawsuit argues that, while that may be true, those injured have the right to express themselves. Their speech on social media have been repeatedly flagged or removed for containing alleged misinformation.