Lawmakers Introduce Bill That Would Make Minnesota ‘Trans Refuge’ For Minors Seeking Transgender Treatment

Minnesota lawmakers are considering a bill that would establish the state as a “trans refuge” for children who are seeking transgender medical procedures but who may be blocked by laws in other states.

The legislation, HF146, was introduced by Rep. Leigh Finke of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party.

HF146 “would make Minnesota into a trans refuge state by protecting trans people, their families and medical practitioners from the legal repercussions of traveling to Minnesota to receive gender-affirming care,” Finke said.

“This need is desperate in my community. This is not a hypothetical scenario,” Finke said of the bill. “There are gender-diverse people in Minnesota right now receiving gender-affirming care. More are fleeing their home states asking where they should turn.”

HF146 would prevent law enforcement from removing a child from parental custody in accordance with an order from outside Minnesota.

This clause is meant to ensure children undergoing gender transition procedures allowed under Minnesota law cannot be governed by child protection laws of other states.

It is not yet clear when the bill will go to debate in the Minnesota legislature.