Lawmakers Call For Border to Close After Illegal Immigrant Murders Georgia Nursing Student

Republican lawmakers called for President Joe Biden to close the southern border after an illegal alien was arrested for the murder of a nursing student at the University of Georgia this week.

“The blood of Laken Riley is on the hands of Joe Biden, Alejandro Mayorkas, and the government of Athens-Clarke County,” Rep. Mike Collins (R-GA) said. “This man had no business being in America, much less the UGA community to brutally murder this young American while she was on a run.”

The suspected killer, Jose Antonio Ibarra, is an illegal immigrant from Venezuela who illegally crossed into the United States through El Paso, Texas, in September 2022.

“To put this in simpler terms: if this border was secure, and Athens not a sanctuary city, Laken Riley would be alive,” he added. “She would still be talking to her family, hanging out with friends, studying to be a nurse, and working toward serving her community and saving the lives of others. Instead, she is dead because the people who took an oath to preserve our Constitution and faithfully execute our laws refuse to do so because they think it benefits them politically.”

“An illegal immigrant released by the Biden admin brutally murdered a young college student in Georgia,” Rep. Jim Banks said (R-IN). “How many more Americans have to die before Joe Biden will secure the border?”