L.A. Area Students Segregated and Deprived Chairs and Bathroom Privileges Over Vax Status

One student filmed a video of herself and several classmates who were forced to sit on the ground outside the building, surrounded by caution tape, due to their vaccine status.

  • Students at the New West Charter Los Angeles were segregated and put behind caution tape over not having received the COVID-19 vaccine, according to a video posted online.
  • Four freshmen, one junior, one sophomore, can be seen in a video filmed by a girl who identified herself as Ellena Hume where she showed how unvaccinated students were being treated.
  • Hume said they were being threatened with suspension and refused the right to attend class because they had not yet received the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • A second student told the camera that she felt “discriminated and segregated” due to the conditions she and her schoolmates were enduring.
  • The separated and unvaccinated students asked for chairs but were not given any and were forced to sit on the ground, leaning up against the building.
  • Students were also denied the use of the bathroom, according to the caption included with the video.
  • In the caption it stated, and it can be briefly seen in the video, that the Los Angeles Police Department was on the scene, but was not intervening except that it appeared they were maintaining the line between the vaccinated and unvaccinated students.
  • The video was shared by Let Them Breathe, which identifies itself as “pro-science. pro-safety. pro-smiles. mask + C19 V choice.”
  • The group was started by activist Sharon McKeeman who also launched the group, “Let Them Choose,” which already has a lawsuit pending on behalf of the children.