Kirk Cameron to Newsmax: AOC’s Christian Super Bowl Ad Slam ‘to Drive Ratings’

Former television star and Christian activist Kirk Cameron told Newsmax on Monday that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s criticism of a Super Bowl ad promoting Jesus Christ is part of the left’s attempts to break down the very principles the nation is founded on and to just “drive ratings.”

“I guess [Democrats do this] so that you and I will talk about them, to try to drive some ratings,” Cameron said during “Eric Bolling The Balance” on Monday. “But at the end of the day, what I hope people see from this is that they can have Sam Smith, who’s dressed up as daddy Satan in a red leather skintight suit with men dressed up as women gyrating and doing sexually erotic moves in cages, and that’s OK. But [when] a guy like me wants to show up and read a kid’s book about faith, hope, joy, love, and kindness, or there are some ads at the Super Bowl about Jesus, the most loving man that ever lived, they want to freak out.”

The Brooklyn, New York, Democrat representative posted her reaction to a commercial spot by the Christian organization “He Gets Us” during Sunday’s Super Bowl game, calling for unity at a time of deep division in the nation.

“Something tells me Jesus would not spend millions of dollars on Super Bowl ads to make fascism look benign,” the Congresswoman said on Twitter on Sunday.

Cameron, who is the author of the new Christian book, “As You Grow,” and is doing an “anti-woke” tour promoting Christian ideals, said the country is in the middle of an ideological war pitting the values the country was formed under against those of “Marxists and socialists.”

“I think this just points out that there’s an ideological war that’s going on and every nation, at the end of the day, is going to be characterized by a certain philosophy,” he said. “In America, the philosophy that formed the foundation that produced the fruit of liberty, was this idea of biblical Christianity. That’s the very tap root of the tree of liberty. But the Marxists and socialists have to replace that with something else.”

Cameron said they are using media, music, and drag queen story hours to “educate” people against Christian values.

“You do it through everything from medicine, to church, to government, to family, to gender, to the economy, and that’s what we need to understand,” he said. “Those of us who value liberty need to diffuse the values of pro-God, pro-America, pro-faith, just as much as the radical progressive left does, or we will lose the free republic that we live in.”

Reporting from Newsmax.